Has conventional medicine left you unsatisfied with the results?

Do you suffer from IBS, Acid Reflux, Constipation and Gastro-Intestinal discomfort?
And still no relief?
Natural Medicine Works!

Are you wired but tired? Anxious and can't sleep at night?

Convinced weight gain isn't diet related, while your primary care doctor keeps insisting your thyroid is fine?
Your endocrine system is a delicately balanced system.
I can fine tune….
Natural Medicine Works!

Has your doctor told you “there’s nothing that can be done” for your pain?

For your Chronic Fatigue? Fibromyalgia, Auto- Immune Disease or Arthritis?
Do you “have to live with it?”
Natural Medicine Works!

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I am Dr Melonni Dooley.

Solutions for Life Naturally is my medical practice.  It is Charlotte’s Premier Naturopathic Clinic.

I help restore the body's ability to self-heal, auto-regulate & adapt to challenges through natural medicine by getting to the root cause of a health problem.

I can help you experience real health solutions that, in many cases, eliminate prescription medications and their side effects altogether.

Start feeling better now -- naturally!

Make an appointment now!


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